Keep Safe Self Storage

Here at Keep Safe we offer Domestic storage and Document storage to clients throughout the UK and abroad. So if you're looking to store your furniture, possessions, or documents safely, Keep Safe Self Storage has the answer.

All of our storage units have 24 hour climate control, 24 hour intruder alarms, 24 hour CCTV, and the necessary fire safety precautions. You can have your own key to your storage unit. All these facilities help to keep all your possessions safe and secure, which is the main aim of Keep Safe Self Storage Ltd.

You have the choice of Domestic Storage where you can store household possessions and furniture. Maybe you've sold your house and are renting or going travelling for a while, so you want to store your possessions safely and securely until you buy a new property. There are over 15 different sized units that can be used. It all depends on the quantity and size of your possessions.